Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to close a Real Estate deal in 1 Week

Last weekend our real estate team, TrulyWealthyRealty Corp., closed another deal. How much time did we spend on the deal? 1 week. For those of you who are in the real estate business you know that closing a deal can be challenging. It requires patience and a great deal of perseverance. Being a real estate broker can be tough. There are times when we get bogus buyers, when clients don’t show up on property viewing schedules or when even sellers refuse to cooperate. In addition to that is the competition. There are a lot of realties, brokers and agents (both accredited and non-accredited) in Cagayan de Oro.

So you may be wondering: what does it take to close a real estate deal in 1 week?

First of all it is vital to recognize that there is nothing “magical” about a successful sale. A sale becomes a success if the important elements are there: hard work, perseverance and, of course, a great deal of marketing. According to marketing expert John Carlton, Luck” often has nothing to do with success. There is nothing magical about great advertising. So the first factor is Extreme Marketing. This was first introduced to us by real estate guru Trace Trajano in his Think Rick Quick Seminar. Extreme Marketing is the act of advertising your product or service using different media, multiple times. This includes both offline and online marketing. Bandit signs, fliers, online ads and multimedia marketing are only a few examples of the types of media you can use to get your message across to your consumers. Marketing plays a vital role in the success of any business. Think about it. People won’t buy your product – not matter how great it is – if they don’t even know it exists! Look at the most successful businesses today and you will see that they do extreme marketing. Take Jollibee for example. You see their advertisements on TV, you see their billboards on street corners and you see a Jollibee branch everywhere! Heck, there’s even a Jollibee stall inside their outlets. Now that’s Extreme Marketing.

Second, identify your target market. No matter how good your marketing is, if the people you are advertising to don’t need it or can’t afford it, then you won’t make a sale. In the case of real estate, say for example, you are marketing a 5 million peso property. Who is your target market? It’s the high end buyers. Don’t go promoting your property to those looking for a house with a budget of 1-2 million. Even if they liked your property they won’t buy it because they can’t. The bottom line is to give your buyer what he wants. This is pretty basic. But you would be amazed at the number of real estate brokers and agents that violate this basic tip. They try to foist off their properties to their buyers without considering what they really want. As one real estate guru said, It’s easier to find a house for a buyer than a buyer for a house.” So craft your ads to suit your target market.

Third, act professionallyNever make empty promises and always deliver. Trust is important in any relationship and keeping your word will instill trust. If you say you are going to meet your buyer at 9 am then be there by 8:45 am. Don’t keep your client waiting. If you say you will deliver the documents today then do it today. Being a man (or woman) of your word builds integrity and a good reputation. And that is priceless. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Toastmaster President’s Farewell Speech

Leadership by example, these are the keywords of a president. For the past year I have done my best to emulate these words. It wasn’t always easy. There were times when I didn’t feel like attending meetings, when I’d get frustrated with members who promised something but didn’t deliver or when I just didn’t feel like being a leader. But in the past year, I’ve learned that leaders couldn’t be ruled by their emotions. Otherwise, the club would suffer.

According to leadership expert John Maxwell, if you can’t carry the ball you won’t lead the team. There were times during my term when I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was right. But I realized that this was normal. No one starts out in something knowing everything about it. You figure it out as you go along. In a way, leading Iligan TMC has helped me find myself. And I have my mentors, the club officers and club members to thank for that. I could never have done it without them.

Being the president of Iligan TMC has taught me so many things. But if I could sum it up in four words it would be vision, attitude, generosity and commitment.

Vision. You achieve only what you can see. Good leaders create a vision and place them continually in front of the members. In my case, I didn’t have to create one. Toastmasters International did that for me. Yes. I’m talking about the Distinguished Club Program. A compelling vision gives your club direction.

Attitude. More specifically, a positive attitude. What you believe, you can achieve. A positive attitude is extremely contagious. I’ve observed that if leaders exhibit a positive attitude the members catch that and the club becomes a constructive environment that fosters growth.

Generosity. It is the job of a leader to give more than they take for the essence of leadership is in putting others first. I observed this first-hand with ACB Nene Legaspi. I noticed how she would always praise and give credit to other people rather than receive it herself. I have tried to emulate this in my own club and I am amazed at how people seem to bloom and grow right before my eyes with just a few words of praise. 

Commitment. People won’t follow uncommitted leaders. I’ve observed that if you want people to follow you, don’t tell them what to do. Show them.
Being the president of Iligan TMC has been an amazing journey. But if I could name one thing that has been instrumental to the club’s success it is teamwork. Without the support of the members of Iligan TMC and the rest of Division F none of this would be possible.

Leading such an incredible club has been a great honor for me. And I want to thank Iligan TMC for trusting me to fill this important position.
As my term ends, I promise to continue to support and serve the club in any way possible.

To the incoming set of officers, I know that with your commitment and ability, this coming year will be even better for Iligan TMC.

To the next president, ACB Mark Grageda, I trust that you will be able to lead the club well. With your skill and superb leadership I know that you will surpass all that the club has achieved in the past year and carve out a new milestone this year.

This has been a great year for Iligan Toastmasters Club. But I know that we can be better. I believe that we are only a fraction of what we can be. Of what we should be. Of what we are meant to be.


Iligan Toastmasters, let’s continue soaring high!

Alessandra Victoria D. Zeta, ACB
Immediate Past President, Iligan Toastmasters Club (2010-2011)
Champion, Evaluation Speech Contest, Discon 2011

Thursday, June 16, 2011

4 Secrets to Winning a Speech Contest

I have interviewed several District Conference speech champions and I have asked them the vital question, How do you win a speech contest?  What is the big secret of Discon champions that sets them apart from the rest and makes them winners? As it turns out, it’s not really a secret after all. They all had different answers. But if I could summarize them into four points, it would be this:

Secret #1: Acquire the vision. If you can’t see it in your mind, you won’t be able to manifest it in your physical world. Champions see themselves as such before they’ve even won their first trophy. It’s called visualization. The clearer you see your goal in your mind, the bigger the chance that you will realize it. So see yourself on stage delivering that winning speech

Secret #2: Learn from the experts. No matter what we want to accomplish in life, chances are that someone has already been there and done that. Winning a national competition is not rocket science. Thousands before you have already done it. It’s not easy. But it can be done. Ask for the advice of past champions. Watch winning speeches on YouTube. Read books about public speaking. Use every resource you have to your advantage.

Secret #3: Practice, practice, practice! Seeing yourself deliver that winning speech in your head is just the beginning. Nothing can still take the place of practice. Preparation is the key to success. Public speaking is all about practice. The more you practice your speech the better you’ll become. If you can, practice in front of mentors so you can get feedback afterwards. 
Winning a speech contest is often a group effort.

Secret #4: Believe. Have faith in yourself and in your abilities. According to Henry Ford, whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right. In other words what you believe shapes your reality. Our belief is the thermostat that determines what we accomplish in our life. Therefore it is not enough that we want to win. We should also EXPECT to win. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

4 Reasons Why You Should Go to the 2011 Midyear Conference

Reason number 1: The venue. This year’s conference is going to be held in Boracay – the ultimate party place of the Philippines. The sun, the beach and the night clubs. What a perfect combination. Think about it, after the conference you can party all night long in any of Boracay’s night clubs. Or you can go relax at the hotel spa at La Carmella de Boracay. Boracay has the most beautiful beaches in the country. Imagine walking along the seashore, barefoot, hearing the soothing lull of the water crashing at shore. It may be a good place to party but it’s a great place to relax in too.

Reason number 2: The people. You get to meet new people. And believe me when I say that Toastmasters are among the friendliest people on the planet. It’s like being a Toastmaster is enough to strip barriers away. One minute you are standing alone and the next, you’re talking to a Toastmaster you’ve just met like you’ve known each other forever. Yep. This is a pretty common scenario during conferences. I have friends whom I’ve met at a Toastmasters conference that I’m still friends with until now.

Reason number 3: The food. Toastmaster conferences are always filled with good food. We just love to eat. And with the conference being held in Boracay you can sample the mouth watering dishes at the various restaurants and cafes there.

Reason number 4: The fun!!! Midyear conferences focus on one thing – FUN! Unlike Discon’s where every competition is a tough and nerve racking experience – even for non-contestants – Midyear contests tend to be more relaxed and laid back. It’s basically competition without pressure. Last year we had a duet singing contest, table topics and Talentadong Toastmasters. I can’t wait to find out what the contests are going to be this year.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and experience the time of your life this October.

Here are the registration rates, exclusive of accommodation:

Early Bird: 1,700  (May 2 – June 30, 2011)
Regular: 2,000 (July 1 – September 15, 2011)
Late Registration: 2, 500 (September 16 – October 15, 2011)
Onsite: 3,000 (October 15 – 22, 2011)

Payment may be deposited to China Bank Bacolod North Drive.
Acct name: Toastmasters International Division D
Acct number: 1610353010

For inquiries and concerns contact Midyear Chair Mhel Sillador atmhel_sillador@yahoo.com.ph or call/text him at 09052811776