Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who is Alex Zeta?

Hi everyone! My name is Alex Zeta and I am a real estate investor and public speaker. Yes. I speak in public – which I think we all do too. I am currently the president of Iligan Toastmasters – a non-profit, public speaking organization that can help you improve your leadership and communication skills. I joined this organization primarily because I wanted to be a better communicator. Why? Ever since I was in high school I always knew I was going to be an entrepreneur. And if I wanted to be successful at that I needed to learn how to communicate effectively. In business, you deal primarily with people. And dealing with people means you have to talk-a lot. Now I had nothing against talking, but public speaking was another story.

Why read my blog?

Most people have GLOSSOPHOBIA or the fear of public speaking. Statistics show that most people fear public speaking more than they fear death. Are you one of those people? If you want to improve your communication and public speaking skills, or if you want to share your public speaking experiences then this blog is for you.

Who is this blog for?

This blog is for people who want to become better speakers, better leaders and ultimately a success in life. Even if you are just beginning in your journey or are already a pro speaker, this blog is for YOU. That’s right. YOU. My journey in Toastmasters has helped me improve my speaking skills considerably. But I know there is still a lot of work to do. In this blog I will share with YOU my experiences as I journey in the world of public speaking. Join me in this journey so that we may learn from each other and help one another become a success, not only in business, but also in life.

So READ ON, COMMENT and SHARE your experiences. Let us take this journey TOGETHER so we can be the SPEAKERS and LEADERS we are meant to BE

Alessandra Victoria D. Zeta
President, Iligan Toastmasters Club (2010-2011)
Champion - 2011 District 75 Evaluation Contest
Champion - 2011 Division Prepared Speech Contest
1st Runner Up - 2011 Division Impromptu Speaking Contest


  1. As a health sciences major, I value communication as much as I value a patient's need for oxygen (as I am a student respiratory therapist). Our clinical instructors always persuade us to SPEAK UP whenever we need to address something, or ask about something. Otherwise, if we don't start coming out of our shells, how else are we going to communicate effectively (or even have the guts to communicate) with a groggy, grumpy thoracic surgeon at 2am over the phone?
    Truly, I commend Ms. Alex Zeta for enlightening all of us about the importance of communication with this blog. Cheers!

  2. Thanks miren! You are so right. Learning how to communicate effectively starts with-guess what-speaking! But sadly so many people don't speak up because they are afraid to be ridiculed and laughed at. And in doing so, they are missing out on one fun and exciting world! :)

  3. Nice blog alex. Follow mo lang yung steps ni sir Jomar. You'll do it very well. Pareho kayo ni stef na good writers haha para kayong kambal =) yung blog ko d ko pa naasikaso. kelangan ko pa lagyan ng feedburner.
    Anyway, keep this up. I'll be checking this blog from time to time but right now I just want to congratulate you for taking the first step and I believe that this blog will help a lot of aspiring speakers as well as those who have GLOSSOPHOBIA as you said haha =)
    more powers to you!!!

  4. Hi Justine! Thanks for the encouraging words. :) Kambal talaga? haha. Thanks for following and commenting. Yeah, you are right. I need to put a feedburner here pa. Its very effective in increasing traffic. Tell me if you also have a blog already. I'll check it out :)

  5. I really appreciate people like you who has a glaring talent and skills. You have the art of speaking. This is a gift for one to be appreciated. Hopefully with this talent of yours you can bring good news to many people.

  6. I'm also a member of Toastmaster, and as a member I was obliged to do a hosting stint(so I thought). I did the hosting and the result was a total disaster. I delivered the worst lines and had spoken so many pause fillers such as, ah, so and even sorry and thank you always.

    What I've learned.
    1. Do not go to battle field unprepared.
    - I thought my confidence was enough to do the hosting job. I was sooo... wrong. It is like going to battle with a shiny sword when the enemy are carrying automatic rifles and tanks.

    I was informed of the hosting job a day before the event, and as an avid TM member. I said yes, later after the program, I learned that I was just a replacement, because the first host backed out. (Poor me, unlucky event.)

    2. Public speaking/Hosting is like learning how to drive a car(manual shifting).
    - When you are taught how to drive, there are many things you need to learn. How to change gear, how to release the clutch, step on the accelerator or gas and how to stop. Aside from all that you need to watch the road to see where you are going.
    - In public speaking/hosting. You need to use your brain to think what you need to say, say it correctly, talk to the audience by looking at them and even provide good transitions.
    - Driving and Speaking are very much alike, you need to practice, practice and practice. When you drive you need a car, when you speak you need an audience. If you don't have a car it's hard to learn and practice, the same with public need an audience and Toastmaster is the user friendly vehicle.

    3. Public speaking and writing are very much different. When you speak the words, you cannot correct it or rephrase it as easily unlike in writing. However writing is a pre-requisite in speaking or hosting.(especially if you are a beginner) you need to have a guide, a map, a script and that was what I lacked during the event.

    Alex was sooo right when she said "Learning how to communicate effectively starts with-guess what-speaking! But sadly so many people don't speak up because they are afraid to be ridiculed and laughed at. And in doing so, they are missing out on one fun and exciting world! :)"
    - Although I've failed in that hosting event and the aftershock are still there(maybe this will haunt me for atleast another week or so). I learned so many things, have so many stories to tell and I even have burst of laughter when I am alone, when I remember what happened. Sorry for the long post, I guess this is how I can express my frustration and at the same time share to others my mistake so that they won't experience the same thing. JUST DO IT!

  7. @Lovelifeandtheworld: Thank you :P I am happy to be service. Good public speakings skills can really fast track your way to success and I want people to know that. :)

  8. @Arnold: Wow! Thanks for sharing your experience. I know exactly how you feel. Based on experience, its never a good idea to go on stage unprepared-no matter how good a speaker you may already be. Even master speakers prepare. And so should we! :)And you are right. Speaking is a skill that can only be improved through practice, practice and more practice.

  9. uhh...alex.what do you want me to say?
    i never had a problem with speaking in was the idiot who spoke to much. but cool blog nonetheless.i hope it's ok that i went all informal on my comment here.kinda got used to facebook s'all.

  10. @Choi: no problem Choi! :)) Yeah, you never had a problem with public speaking. If I remember right you were always talking ^^_

  11. Communication skills will help you succeed in life. I totally agree!!!:) i never really had any problem talking... I have been doing that since i was about 9 months old... But speaking in front of a group? i honestly can say that i have no talent in that... especially in english!! hehehe... so i thank Alex for making this Blog to help people like me learn to COMMUNICATE better...
    Thanks Lex!!! Peace!!!

  12. lex, hahaha.. well, public speaking actually doesn't need much effort as what most people often think of or even fear about. simply talking to a group of 3 or 4 is already a form of public speaking. it just becomes different when you are put in a pedestal or a platform and are seen by a greater number of people. but the issue here is not the place where you stand as you speak, but it is what you speak and who you are speaking to that matters. confidence is gained when you know what you are talking about. period. confidence in speaking will follow after being convinced of yourself.

    nevertheless, this blog will be very helpful especially to those who really find it hard to present themselves to the public. but mind you, i'm not even a good speaker myself. i just practice, slowly overcoming the fear of public rejection and eventually, accepting the joy of honest appreciation.

  13. @ Rach: Yup. Public speaking does not mean you have to go in front of 300 people to speak. You can start with a small group. Say, 3-5 people and go from there. Its a process :)

  14. im a member of toastmaster,and when i join it, helps me a lot in terms of speaking skills and it also boost my self confidence speaking in front of many people...alex is ryt,we have to start small group first and then who knows some of us will be a better speaker in the next generation to come and great leader as well.....

  15. hi alex, nice blog here - very helpful... somehow we share the same passion - HELPING PEOPLE TO SUCCEED! maybe we can share info, my blog is more power to your site!

  16. @Marianne: Thanks Marianne. Sure I'll definitely check out your blog :) I think sharing info is a great idea