Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dreamers are Deaf

Yes. You read the title right. Dreamers are deaf.

Last night my dad told me that he and mom wanted to talk to me. I immediately knew what it was going to be about. Did I mention that my mom hasn’t been talking to me for almost a month now? And all because I chose to be in real estate instead of practice my nursing career. So I went to my parent’s room. And sure enough it was another round of lecture from mom. Dad was silent for the most part – as he usually is.

“Do you know how hard life in the Philippines is?”

“You went to nursing school for 4 years and after all that WE spent and all your efforts, you are throwing away your nursing career just like THAT?”

“I know a lot of brokers and they just do the business part time. If real estate was so good why have they chosen to stick to their day jobs instead of doing it full time?”

“You do not know what you want. You haven’t even tried living abroad yet. How can you just give it up?”

“You are so selfish. You are only thinking of yourself.”

Ouch. The last one especially hurt. I mean my family is part of the reason why I want to succeed in real estate. I know I should have explained what my reasons were for choosing to give up nursing. I was a toastmaster wasn’t I? I should have used the art of public speaking to elucidate my side of the story. But I didn’t. You know what I did? Shut up. That’s right. I did not say a word. Do you know why? Because I knew that my parents were not ready to listen. And no matter how good a speaker I was, no matter what explanation I gave, they still would not have listened. I could have exhausted all my public speaking skills and that wouldn’t have done me any good. Their hearts and minds were not ready to accept my explanation. Toastmasters know when to speak up or shut up. And at that moment I knew it was better for me to just shut up. It kind of reminded me of a song, that part where the singer sings “You say it best when you say nothing at all.” For all its worth sometimes the most effective form of communication is silence. 

Dreamers are deaf.

 They close their ears to negativity, discouragement and pessimism. They choose not to listen to anything that will cause them to lose heart. Now lest you say I’m such a bad influence to children out there, I am not saying “Don’t listen to your parents.” All I’m saying is stay true to what you want. After all, it is your life. No other person is going to live it but you. Listen carefully, weigh your options and then decide. It’s a good thing I am so stubborn. If I weren’t so stubborn I’d have probably just given up and went back to nursing ages ago.

My mom asked me what assurance I had that I was going to succeed in real estate. In truth? NONE. I’m not a fortune teller (if I was I’d probably be rich now). I can’t possibly predict what the future holds for me. But what I am sure of is that God is for my success. He will never leave me. I am also sure that I love real estate. And I’d rather die than not do what I love (wow, aren’t I melodramatic?).

A lot of people ask me what I would die for. But I always tell them, instead of thinking about that, why not find something to live for?
I live for real estate.

What about you? What do you live for?

You have one life to live. Live it now.

Go live your dreams!

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