Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Interview with Internet Marketing Guru: Jomar Hilario (Part 1)

Earning online used to be something that seemed hard-almost impossible to do. But times have changed. More and more people are now starting to discover that earning online is not rocket science. It is doable and achievable. Last October 2010 I met, Jomar Hilario, one of my online marketing mentors at Trace Trajano’s Think Rich Quick 2 Seminar. Jomar Hilario is an internet marketing guru, endorsed by Larry Gamboa and Bo Sanchez. For many years he has taught online marketing concepts to thousands of Filipinos. He can teach you how to earn dollars through internet marketing, blogging, being a Virtual Assistant and more. He is touted as the Tim Ferris and Tony Robbins of the Philippines. His success in this field has inspired many people (me included) to learn how to earn through the internet. It has also prompted me to ask, “How did he do it?” “Where did it all begin?” “Did public speaking skills play a role in his success?” With this in mind I decided seek an interview with the internet marketing guru of the Philippines, Jomar Hilario.

Hi Coach Jomar, good evening. First of all I’d like to thank you for granting me the honor of interviewing you. I know you’re such a busy person. So as you know I have a public speaking blog. The aim of my blog is to inspire people to become the speakers and leaders that they are meant to be. We all know how crucial good communication skills are to success in life and in business. Not many people really take the time and effort to improve their speaking skills. The reason why I’d like to interview you is because you have achieved so much in the online marketing industry. You have online marketing seminars and you have live VA and marketing seminars. These seminars have helped a lot of people learn how to do internet marketing and how to basically make a living online.

Alex: How did your journey as an internet marketer begin?

Jomar: I started off as a bank employee. I worked in the bank for 15 years. I discovered the internet by myself. I started to play around with it. That was way back 2001. I began blogging and talking to people online. That was also the time when Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad became popular so I started in real estate. I joined an investment club and met Bo Sanchez through that. I found out that Bo was bringing Jars of Clay to the Philippines. They were scheduled to perform at the Araneta. So I volunteered to promote their concert. Since I had a day job then, the only way I could really promote it was online. That was my first try in online marketing. I had 1 month to promote the concert. I did it on Friendster, Multiply and Blogger. The thing I didn’t know was that I was the main promoter. Bo was promoting it mostly inside Kerygma. Araneta’s capacity was 20,000 people. We managed to sell about 5,000 tickets.

Alex: 5,000 tickets in one month? Not bad.

Jomar: Yes. It wasn’t bad at all.

Alex: How did you do offline promotion?

Jomar: After prayer meetings, I would talk about the concert. Before revealing who was going to perform I would ask people if they knew this song, then I would sing. As for the online promotion, since I didn’t have an internet connection at home, I would go out and work in cafes.

Alex: Did you have any fears when you were promoting Jars of Clay? Like maybe the fear the people wouldn’t listen to you or that you’d get rejected.

Jomar: I wasn’t really concentrating on my fears. With the concert only a few weeks away I felt that I didn’t have the time for that. So I was just concentrating on selling tickets – on getting the message across. Also, this was the first time that a foreign artist was going to hold a Christian concert in the Philippines. So I was very excited. During Sundays we would go to the Alabang New Life Church and we would meet people on their way out of church and offer to sell them tickets.

Alex: How did that go?

Jomar: Merong natuwa, merong hindi. But at that time I was really focused. I didn’t care whether I’d get rejected or not anymore as long as I sold tickets. If you have a goal, the goal becomes more important than shame or anything else. So it really helps if you have a big goal to believe in. And I believed that Jars of Clay could inspire people. I started promoting the concert online as well. It was my first time to promote anything online but somehow I knew what to do. We promoted the concert like crazy and as a result, we sold 5000 tickets in a month. And I was glad to do it for free. My reward was getting to meet Jars of Clay in person.

Alex: So how were they?

Jomar: They were very American. They were also very serious people. They kept on talking about the metaphysics of the church and stuff like that. But they were also a lot of fun to be with.

Alex: So after Jars of Clay, what happened?

...Find out what happened in Part 2 of the Jomar Hilario Interview


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  1. Very inspiring post Alex. Nice interview with Sir Jomar. I like the idea. (Hmm...) Maybe I can also interview a success VA entrepreneur and post it in my blog.

  2. Thanks Red. Yeah, I like Coach Jomar too :) He's a lot of fun to interview. Yes, you could do that. Reading about the success of other people is very inspiring. Its one reason why I love doing interviews :)

  3. Thanks for this information, Alex, I just signed up with Jomar's mentoring club and I want to gain more insights of this internet marketing thing. And what I am doing right now is click and click to be inspired with different marketers.

  4. Great job alex! Thanks for sharing this interview! :)

  5. @Helogert: That's great. Signing up with Coach Jomar is the first to step to earning online. He can teach you a lot. Just keep at it and Im sure you'll make it :)

  6. I love Jomar quoting "If you have a goal, the goal becomes more important than shame or anything else." That's a biggie thing to
    remember. Thanks Coach Jomar! ;D

  7. @Michael: Exactly :) Once you have a dream, a goal that's big enough nothing else will seem to matter.

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