Sunday, April 29, 2012

Discon 2012 Speech Winners

The 2012 district conference showcased the best speakers in the Philippines, from division’s A-K, compete for 1st place in three categories: Table Topics, Humorous and International Prepared. All of them were amazingly talented communicators. However, there can only be one champion for each category. The winners for this years discon are lucky because, aside from the usual trophy, they also get to receive a perpetual trophy. This is one additional baggage the contestants were happy to lug around, I bet. The perpetual trophy contains the names of the past champions for each category. The champions get to keep it for 2 months after which they have to surrender it to the district governor so that it can be passed on to the next speech champion. There is one perpetual trophy for each category – International Prepared, Table Topics, Humorous and Evaluation. All four trophies have been given to the district by TM Khris Albano. District 75 thanks you for your generosity Khris!

Here is a list of the winners for the 2012 Speech contest.

Table Topics Speech Contest
1st Place: Richard John U. Cua-Ho – Division C (Taipan Toastmasters Club)
2nd Place: Daryl B. Ponard – Division G (Pines City Toastmasters Club)
3rd Place: Amanda Fe C. Echeverria – Division E (Durian Toastmaster Club)

Humorous Speech Contest
1st Place: Carminia M. Borja - Division C (Aboitiz Toastmasters Club)
2nd Place: Michael Benedict J. Unson – Division H (Alabang Community Toastmasters Club)
3rd Place: Maria Teresa S. Chiew – Division E (Durian Toastmaster Club)

International Prepared Speech Contest
1st Place: Herminigildo V. Garrobo – Division G (Pines City Toastmasters Club)
2nd Place: Celia Castillo– Division E – (Durian Toastmaster Club)
3rd Place: Meg Angela Amores – Division I – (MEZ 1 Toastmasters Club)

Congratulations to all the contestants who fearlessly competed in 2012 Discon. Kudos to Division C for winning two categories – Humorous and Table Topics and to Division G for winning the International Prepared Speech category – for the fourth year in a row! I wonder what Division can break this streak? See you in next year’s district conference!


  1. Congratulations to all toastmasters.

  2. Thanks Jef! (I'm replying in behalf of all the Toastmasters). Are you also a TM?

  3. hi! great article(s) you have here! sent you an invite through skype (i hope that you have an account there). hope to read more from you! congratulations to all!

  4. Thanks for the mention, champ. Indeed, the perpetuals have each year's District champ - your nameplate is in the Evaluation "Kris" Trophy. You'll soon know why I call it that. c",)

    Jef Menguin up there is a DTM. And Hermie's win makes it the fifth consecutive for Division G (Baguio).

    1. Your welcome Khris. I cant wait to see my name on the "khris" trophy :) ill take a picture of it! At least my name has been immortalized ^^_

  5. Thanks Daryl! Approved you already :)

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